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The Tenz farmer

He is the craziest farmer in the Alps, enjoys life as it is, works as a stage director and cabaret artist but most of all he is an apple and fruit cultivator.

On the basis of his attitude towards life “everyone can do as he pleases” he also treats his agrarian products. Nature is his first priority and that’s why he gives his plants the necessary time to grow properly and yield the right amount of fruit.  He uses the energetic flow of each plant. Nature is not supposed to be manipulated by man with too many pesticides but is left to produce a quantity given by the natural course of time.

His mission statement: It’s not about the quantity but about the quality produced!

It is quite important to him to create a solid customer relationship because he is aware of the fact that most of his clients do come regularly to buy his products and they do come from miles around. His apples are being sold first hand. They are taken off the tree and immediately purchased by the customer. There is no need for an intermediary.

Apples which grow on healthy trees inspire the customers, most of the time stressed, to have a break and enjoy the unique taste of nature. Everyone is allowed to taste the delicious types of apples before purchasing any of the products. This additional service is for free of course! 90% of all clients affirm that they are satisfied with the quality of the products.

The farmer whose name is Hubert March, sticks to his philosophy and therefore sells his apples and products mostly to people who share his point of view and his attitude towards life. It is essential to him that his customers understand the value of his agrarian products and appreciate the purchased quality.